If your business or your home has a gate, then it can become damaged in a variety of ways, including from long-term use or from strong winds. Fortunately, you can contact us at Evergreen Garage Door & Gate for an efficient gate repair, including an electric gate.

Our technicians can inspect small or large gates to give you an estimate concerning the cost of the gate repair.

Understanding Gate Malfunctions

There are several things that can stop working on a metal, plastic or wooden gate, such as broken hinges that make it impossible to open or close the gate properly.

In some cases, a gate is out of alignment because it is bent or one of the hinges has broken. For an electric gate, the wiring and transmitters can malfunction, requiring adjustments or replacements.

Repairing Automated Gates

An automated gate may not close or open, making it impossible for someone to access a property, or alternatively, to keep someone from entering a property.

When there is an electrical storm or a power surge, the fuses in an automated or electric gate can stop working, requiring a replacement with the proper fuses.

We Only Hire Knowledgeable Technicians

Working on a gate may seem as if it is an easy job, but it is difficult to lift and repair these heavy items. In addition, a do-it-yourselfer won’t have the proper tools for repairing a damaged gate. It is also dangerous for an amateur to work on any gate that is powered with electricity.

However, our technicians are highly trained in the proper safety precautions.

Call Us to Learn More About Professional Gate Installation and Repair

In addition to professional gate repair, Evergreen Door & Gate offers gate installation so that you have attractive and functioning gates on your property.

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